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US Immigration for Parents Application Package
(CD Version)

The CD Version of US Immigration for Parents Application Package has the same functions as the Download Version except that it is shipped to you in a CD. The CD contains all the documents and step-by-step instructions for your immigration application. It is simple and easy to use.

We ship the CD worldwide. Your CD will be shipped within two business days via First Class/Airmail. If your mailing address is in U.S., most deliveries will arrive within just a few days. Since postal systems vary in regions and countries, we do ask that you allow 1-2 weeks for U.S. addresses, and 3-4 weeks for others.


From June 15, 2019 to June 24, 2019, you can order the package for just US$34.99 plus shipping and handling fee. It is more than 45% off our regular price US$65.99. See below chart:

$34.99(45% discount of regular price US$65.99)
+$7.50(shipping and handling fee)


Due to the high quality and strong demand of the CD package, we do consider to raise the price shortly. Once our promotion finishes, the price will go back to US$65.99. If you return and want to buy it, there is not much we can do ... .

Place Your Order Now:

To order the US Immigration for Parents Application Package(CD Version), click on the below button which will lead you to our on-line store. Please be assured that your on-line order is secured by 128-bit encryption. Our credit card process is through our partner eSellerate.net. Your order can be placed in US$ or other major currencies.

NOTE: Before you check out, make sure these TWO items are in your shopping cart and the total amount should be US$42.49; otherwise, the CD will not be shipped to you:

1. US Immigration for Parents Application Package CD Version (US$34.99)
2. eSellerate eCD - US Immigration for Parents Application Package CD Version (US$7.50)

US Immigration for Parents Application Package

Order the US Immigration for Parents Application Package CD for only US$34.99 NOW!

US Immigration for Parents Application Package

Requirements on Your Computer (CD Version):

1. You need Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents. If you computer does not have it, you can download and install it free from here.

2. It is recommended that you have a printer to print a hard copy of the documents in the package. If you don't have a printer, you can still use this package by printing the forms at a friend's computer or other public and commercial printing services.

Have questions about our products? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us at Info@800citizen.com.

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